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Waiting For A Miracle II, 2023
Marble, acrylic, metal, motor

The title of Andreas Kalli’s sculpture, Waiting for a Miracle II, serves as a potential non-action and a hope for salvation. This piece, finely crafted with transparent glass, a suspended marble rock, and metal hardware, suggests a phantom presence. It is possible to read this as a reference to the concept of ‘home’. In the work, the motif of the static motion trapped in the loop stands out, symbolising introspection and the repetition of day to day life and thoughts. The work also points to the state of inertia, in contrast to the kineticism of intentionality. Usually, Kalli’s sculptures hint at the anonymous, absent, or invisible body, evident through elements such as hidden chain constructions and other mechanisms within the work. Kalli’s sculptures often explore the relationship one has with themself and the unpredictable ties to their surroundings. This piece depicts a nuanced view on the concept of ‘home’, pointing to intrapersonal and environmental dynamics. Furthermore, Kalli’s integration of elements from Cyprus echoes his homeland’s essence. This interplay heightens the psychic experience of aggressiveness, fragility and our human limitations.

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