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The Sea by Night, 2023
Performance and Film

A tribute to the glistening of the moonlight in the sea. In the performance and filmThe Sea by Night, Aukje Dekker and SEXYLAND recreated the shimmering of the moon on the sea with twenty-two residents of the city of Larnaca.


Cyprus and the sea are inextricably linked: the sea has played a crucial role in shaping the history, economy, and culture of the island, leading to trade, geopolitical significance, and cultural exchanges.


Additionally, Cyprus has proportionally the highest number of asylum applications in the entire European Union. People from all over the world have conquered the sea to find a “home away from home”. All of this results in a diverse population living on the island, and for this performance, Aukje Dekker and SEXYLAND aim to represent this diversity, comprehensively and poetically. From Armenians to Lebanese, from Greek Cypriots to Turkish Cypriots, legal or illegal residents, they will all merge into the sea and shine.

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