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Mount Analogue, 2017
Steel, Mirror and Telescopic Lense Collection of Armenian Art Council

Inspired by the vastness of Armenia’s highlands, Benji Boyadgian presents Mount Analogue, two sculptural masterpieces. The arid plateau, envisioned as a journey toward a metaphorical peak, encapsulates the diverse intersections of the artist’s Palestinian, Finnish, and Armenian heritage. When we peer inside the sculptures, we encounter nothing more than ourselves — a kaleidoscope of portraits. The work fuses post- Soviet impressions with prehistoric sci-fi and medieval modernism. Every passing moment of time in our lives leaves an imprint on us. The sculptures, featuring cryptic vessels and obsidian claws, become tangible echoes of Armenia’s surrounding mountains. Each piece stands as a reflection, refracting ancient narratives through modern perspectives and blending the past with the present. They also serve as a reminder: when gazing into the future, one will invariably confront their own reflection.

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