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Mediterranean Sunset, 2018

Memories are curious entities: vivid yet elusive, true yet embellished. They are intricate tapestries woven from experiences and emotions. Over time, these recollections can transform, shaped by forgetfulness or reinforced by revisits. Cengiz Bodur seeks to anchor these fleeting moments within the bounds of photographs. With an eye for capturing the ordinary aspects of daily life, Bodur paints a vivid picture of the evolving city of Antalya and its inhabitants. Cities, like humans, have their life cycle. This sentiment, tracing back to the fourteenth-century reflections of Ibn Khaldun, comes to life through Bodur’s lens. By merging the transformation of Antalya with the life trajectory of his father, Bodur presents a visual narrative that weaves personal memories into the broader tapestry of urban change. The interplay between light and shadow in his photographs serves as a nod to both the ephemeral nature of memories and the enduring spirit of the city. Set against the backdrop of Antalya’s evolving landscape, Bodur’s Mediterranean Sunset stands as a tribute to shared and imagined moments with his father. In this photographic journey, Bodur invites viewers to traverse the city’s streets, immersing them in a world where the past and present converge, balanced between memory and reality.

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