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[dream] scape, 2023

Digital Imagery and AR

The concept of 'home' is a multifaceted one that transcends the boundaries of physical spaces, embracing countries, cherished possessions, deep emotions, and beloved individuals. 'Home represents not just a location of shelter, safety, and familiarity, but an emotional haven where connections thrive, fostering a profound sense of identity and belonging.

In the digital age, a pertinent question arises: Can digital spaces genuinely qualify as 'home? The unequivocal answer is yes. From social media platforms to immersive digital realms, cyberspaces have evolved into unorthodox yet meaningful extensions of the traditional 'home.' In '[dream]scape,' we delve into the idea of home' transcending its conventional role as a mere digital environment.

Instead, it becomes an embodiment of the creator's identity and creativity, mirroring the way our physical homes reflect our personalities, values, and artistic expressions.

Within '[dream]scape,' a digital sanctuary emerges-a refuge for the soul, a canvas for artistic expression, and a pathway for personal exploration. This mirrors the multifaceted role of our physical homes in our lives, transforming digital spaces into realms of emotional comfort, self-expression, and a profound sense of belonging. Within '[dream]scape,' we encounter fertile ground for manifestation-an opportunity to re-imagine our physicality but also bridge our physical reality to our digital one.

The digital age has expanded the 'home' concept to encompass not only physical spaces but also digital domains, where identity, creativity, and personal expression form a deep connection. This offers a sense of 'home' that transcends the traditional confines of physicality, forging a bridge between the tangible and the creative realms of our existence.

Instagram Maria Touloupou

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