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Cut - 7 dividing lines, 2007
Installation, 14 prints, texts, sound Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST, EMΣT)

Danae Stratou embarked on a journey spanning sixty thousand kilometres to capture the lives of those residing in seven distinct regions, each marked by a dividing line resulting from sociopolitical, economic, nationalist, or religious tensions. Through her photography, she captures not only their daily existence but also the “walls” — whether physical or immaterial — that divide them. In doing so, Stratou highlights the commonalities shared between people residing on either side of these borders. As viewers walk along a narrow corridor, serving as a demarcation line between seven pairs of photographs, they experience the feeling of being within a borderland themselves. Through this immersive experience, Stratou reminds us that despite any “borders” and differences, the desire to solve and rid the division in an effort of gaining “normality” is a universal longing that transcends the barriers that separate us.

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