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YUNAK, 2018
Moving image, 8 minutes, 17 seconds

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and currently based in the United Kingdom, George Stamenov unveils an animation in Junak that almost mirrors his own personal youth. The moving images of restless and hazy scenes draw from Stamenov’s own dreams and memories. Although deeply personal, the work simultaneously embodies a collective reminiscence. Different fragments rise to the surface and intertwine incoherently. Described by the artist as “a non-narrative narrative,” this piece reflects the blurred line between dreams and memories. Memories come and fade, and so do dreams. “ЮНАК,” or “junak,” is a word often used in Bulgarian folklore to describe a brave and fearless youth. In this work, we dive into Stamenov’s remembered past, where he captures the transient nature of memories in an attempt to immortalise them.

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