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My Dream, 2020

Oil on canvas

In the midst of Armenia’s escalating conflict that reached a climax in 2020, HovHar’s studio in Yerevan’s Art Kvartal became a sanctuary for those profoundly affected. With the pandemic overshadowing the war’s intensification, many young lives were lost, some had their whole universe uprooted, especially near the Azerbaijan border.


During these challenging times, HovHar transformed his studio into a shelter, accommodating forty individuals seeking refuge. Amid the night’s slumber of these individuals, HovHar painted them, interpreting their dreams and capturing fleeting moments of peace.


HovHar reflects, “Dreams lack spatial memory; returning to the start is impossible due to this spatial absence. We might loop back, but never identically. Always, there’s colour. Without it, no image exists.” It was within this shared space that the artist immortalised dreams and preserved the only remnants of solace and personal ownership the refugees possessed.


HovHar_MyDream_#11 copy.png
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