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Anemos, 2022

Animation, 7 minutes, 41 seconds

Swept up by the winds of change PET LIGER, Viira, Akito & Sketchy Visuals PET LIGER in collaboration with the computational architect Pico Velasquez of VIIRA, digital artist Sketchy Visuals, and sound designer Akito

As the landscape of technology changes, new artistic frontiers emerge. The futuristic Cyprusbased fashion house PET LIGER, often ventures into the metaverse, creating digital fashion pieces. Their endeavours primarily involve designing and crafting virtual shoes that can be acquired through NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and worn within virtual gaming environments. Constantinos Panayiotou, the artist behind PET LIGER, creates a new concept daily and showcases it on his Instagram @petliger, resulting in a collection of over 1200 pieces to date.


As digital spaces transform, we’re prompted to consider whether a fulfilling sense of home can arise within this virtual realm and, if so, how we can shape and define it. PET LIGER’s virtual shoes are gradually transitioning back into reality through 3D printers; perhaps the metaverse and Web3 could enliven a homely space for safe self-expression as its boundaries increasingly blur with the familiar physical spaces we already call home.

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