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… A story I never forgot…, 2015

HD Film, 14 minutes, 35 seconds

Taking the form of a cinematic vignette accompanied by dreamlike scoring, Rosana Palazyan’s short film addresses aspects of ancestral memory and storytelling from her standpoint as a Brazilian of Armenian descent. In … A story I never forgot…, Palazyan delves in the depths of recounting memories of the Armenian genocide of (c. 1915 - 1920) that resonated throughout her childhood. These stories are not mere historical accounts; they form the very core of her identity. Violence, exclusion, and the shared victimhood within society are recurrent themes in Palazyan’s work.


This narrative interweaves through a treasured handkerchief, embroidered by her refugee grandmother in Thessaloniki — a symbol of resilience and memory. Supported by the Armenian General Benevolent, her grandmother served as an embroidery teacher, and this piece of cloth embodies tales of origin, life in Greece, and the eventual journey to Rio de Janeiro. Amidst the intertwining threads of history and memory, Palazyan’s work is both a personal homage and a broader reflection on themes of diaspora, identity, and the ever-shifting sands of “home”.

Rosana Palazyan's Profile

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